SIP Speedometer on Vespa Sprint 50cc - No RPM

Hi all,

Let me quickly introduce myself: I am Dennis, living in The Netherlands and the proud owner of a shiny-blue Vespa Sprint 50cc 4V Four stroke. The '14 model.

I bought myself the SIP Speedo/tacho meter (MV914008S) and installed it yesterday evening. Besides disassembling almost the whole scooter, it was lot's of fun to install!

Everything works, except for the RPM. I installed the wire as noted (connected the provided wire to the pink wire from the ignition coil) but nothing is indicated. Both for the speedo meter and tacho/rpm meter I stayed on the default values for the sensor points 04 and RPM pulse 0.5.

I measured for a broken wire, incorrect installation or a defect adapter, but everything seems to be ok.

Does anyone have a clue what to try before I contact SIP for an RMA?

Kind regards from the sunny Netherlands.


Sorry for this post, wrong threat! Repost it in Vespa 50 cc