Sip speedo / rev counter problem

Hi, I have problem with the new digital speedometer from Sip. First a little about the Vespa I work with:

Vespa GS 160 (1965 I think)

Malossi 210

62mm hub

Membrane and Mikuni 35 mm carburetor

Vespa Tronic ignition system with 1kg flywheel

I connected the speedometer as follows:

Power directly from the power regulator, connected to the red and brown wire (no battery).

Black wire to ground

The problem is that the speedometer starts up and reset, but as soon as I speed up around 2200 rpm, the speedometer cuts out. It seems as if I must have a rev between 1600 rpm and 2200 rpm for it to work. When it is below or above, the speedometer blacks out.

Video of problem: 

Someone got a solution??


I am having a problem with mine where it the digital display freezes after riding for a few minutes. The Speedo will go blank, then display 199km/h for a few minutes then back to blank while the clock, cht and odometer down't change at all. I have measured the voltages to the unit and can only say that I have a faulty unit

To DondasG

I have similar issues.  Not exactly the same as yours.  Problems started after I have installed KyTronik spark magnifier on to my px200.  Will try the resistor type spark plug.  Thanks for the tip.


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Have you tried the DondasG tip?

Hi , Sorry I cant help with your problems as only starting to fit mine SIP speedo to my GS160...but wondering if any of you who have been running these for a while have any guidelines on the optimum engine temperature?...thanks Phil

Hi I have a problem with my Sip speedo on my 2001 PX Disc. The issue is every now & again when I use my indicators the speed shuts down (goes blank) the needle shoots up & back down like when its being started.

Could this be down to a wiring issue & its causing a short/serge or could it possibly be the black box??

Thanks in advance for any help.


I can confirm that the remedy for this is to fit a resistor type spark plug. Having no resistor adds electrical interference which upsets the electronics in the speedo. All good now

I rewired and installed a battery which now runs the speedo, but the freezing fault still happens, and the tacho needle creeps up to the right and off the scale.

I have done more searching on this fault, and have found information on other websites that a resistor type spark plug needs to be installed to reduce electrical noise in the circuit. 

This fault has only occurred since upgrading my electronic ignition and stator. As soon as I get hold of a R type plug, and test it, I'll post my result

Which plug are you using now?

Try disconnecting the button to change  the settings.

The insulation on the cable had rubbed through and  was touching the head stock causing lots of strange things.

Good luck

Hello DondasG

I see that you have mounted a battery to your scooter to run the speedo. I have done the same and it works. But I have a problem with charging the battery while driving. I have mounted red/white and yellow cable together to try to get enough charging to battery but it still runs empty.

I have a Rally 180 (1970) with px 200 engine (malossi 210 with 62mm crank and 30mm carb)

how do you get it to charge?