Sip speedo not working

Hiya guys ,hope you guys can help me as got no where with retailer,I bought a black faced sip Lambretta electrical speedo just over 12months ago ,it wasn't fitted as soon as I recived it ,it was fitted just over  9months ago,after a full restoration of this actual scooter.

I've been very happy with it apart from an annoying flaw in the plastic glass but had to put up with that as the retailer bought from would not change it as it was the only one they had and said it would be a few months until a new one would be here to replace it ,any way it's been fitted and worked great 👍🏻 Until just over a week ago the fuel gauge flashed all the time when tank was full,but again put up with it thinking it may possibly be a faulty sender on the tap,it was started yesterday and now the speedo doesn't work,it "sometimes" works but doesn't work correctly,the speedo reads when stationary,the rev gauge works for a few seconds then freezes ,then when it's turned off it doesn't return and very strangely the tachometer needle goes up on its own with no power ,everything has been checked and double checked ,correct plug fitted extra earth fitted direct etc etc ,we have now tested on another scoot and does exactly the same on that scoot.ive added a little video on the rare chance it powered up and did something,hopefully you guys can help me out these I don't class as cheap as paying £159 for it,as I say I've been fairly happy with it but now it's not doing anything it's pretty useless , he's the link of the actual speedo fitted showing you guys it's fault

The retailer this was bought from is U.K. Based and pretty big in the Lambretta/Vespa scene,I don't feel it's fair naming hope to here back soon and you guy are able to help getting some life back into this gauge

regards B Gerrard









I have the same problem with my Lambretta speedo. Did you ever hear back from sip about the problem?