SIP Speedo for Vespa PE EFL/Millenium

Many of you guys have asked, and here is the answer: YES, we will manufacture a rev counter / speedo for Vespa PE EFL / Millenium with 105mm diameter!


We would like to hear from you which design variation you like best:




Thanks for helping us and taking part in our poll!


This speedo will be available around may 2011!


Any news when No.4 will be available?

Update: Easy peasy

# 1


INCREDIBLE!!! In stock now!!!




El numero 1 pero con fondo NEGRO!!

Hi ralf!


For what I can see at the moment number 1 and number 4 are wining, but you have only created article numbers for 2 and 4. Please if you don't consider to make option 1 (as many of us demand in black, by the way) please let us know. If you consider to finally make it please create an article number so we could preorder it!!! And again, please think about it in black. Please, please, please. 

Wainting for your comments.




Kaixo Ralf!

First of all thank your for your answer. Of course I can understand that. No problem. Now every one can decide what to do.

Thank you again for making these new products for vespa, not only digital speedos but also the great tubeless rims, sip shocks ... 


Again nothing has happened. Sadly we are getting used to this! But keep in mind shop is opened during christmas time! Best. Alberto.

i'm also voting for #1 but in black. if no black-then #4.

Hi Ralf,

Tomorrow is THE day!

After almost 2 years of waiting they will finally arrive!

I hope you will remember your words from 28th february 2011 Ralf: "Preorders get served by an airmal first delivery"




Good news!!! For me it's number one. Big rev counter. In my oppinion in the other 3 options the fuel level uses to much space. Number 1 in black???



I voted for #4 but if #1 is available in black that would be my first choice .

Right, are these as easy as it states to install? Plus am opting for doing away with the speedo cable and having electronic/magnet option, any probs setting up?



end of may aproximately. Preorders get served by an airmal first delivery.

thanks man, that's a great news! [Y]



I like the number 4, but the number 1 in black, would be fine, I'm eager to order one for my Px.[:D]

+ 1


Number 1 in black !!!!

Ciao Alberto,

yes, right now we are starting production of no 2 and 4. These had been the winners in the germany survey and also at first the winners in this one. Now no 1 is getting more and more positive feedback and we are recognizing this.

The problem is that no 1 is requiring a completely new LCD layout. For no 2 and 4 we can use same LCD. We have to order 1000 pieces of each LCD which ends up now in 500x No 2 and 500x No 4... We simply cannot preorder another 1000x No 1...


But if sales are good on the 2 we know what to do next!


                    <a id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderResults_ListViewResults_ctrl0_HyperLinkProduct" class="product" href="/community/EN/Products/50000100/Rev+counterspeedometer+SIP+.aspx">Rev

counter/speedometer SIP

                    <span id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderResults_ListViewResults_ctrl0_LabelProductSubTitle">for

Vespa PX80-200 E Lusso/`98
/MY, -199km/h bzw. 125mph
black numbers,
digital, 0-12.000 U/min analog
/digital, Ø km/h,
temerature gauge up to 250?,
clock, ring black, Made by

                        <img id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderResults_ListViewResults_ctrl1_ImageThumb" title="Rev counter/speedometer for" src="/community/Products/Images/c9fad378-afb6-42d7-a6f3-2175f6765bbe/Rev+counterspeedometer+for.jpg" alt="Rev counter/speedometer for" style="border-width: 0px;" />
                    <a id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderResults_ListViewResults_ctrl1_HyperLinkProduct" class="product" href="/community/EN/Products/50000200/Rev+counterspeedometer+for.aspx">Rev

counter/speedometer for

                    <span id="ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolderMain_ContentPlaceHolderResults_ListViewResults_ctrl1_LabelProductSubTitle">Vespa

PX80-200 E Lusso/`98/MY,
-199km/h bzw. 125mph
0-12.000 U/min analog
/digital, Ø km/h, km/Tag,
temerature gauge
up to 250?,
clock, ring black, Made by


Hi Ralf,


Any news about availability?? And for the "square" model for vespa special???