sip road exhaust on px 125 2011

I have a px 125 2011 model and i want to put sip road exhaust . what jetting setup with 20/20D carb?

Help !!


The main jet must be between 5% and 10% bigger than the one that´s installed.

We can´t say a fix size because it is different from engine to engine.

Best regards, Sebastian

ignition must be the prob about that

The idle jet is 45-140. It is ok ?

Main Jet 102 worked fine for me ! recently added a Polini Venturi kit (air filter + intake) and had to switch to main jet of 110 (the 115 was to big, didn't rev high enough because to rich) : what a difference : sexy sound and more power !!! Sip Road + Polini Venturi = a must for every PX !!!

Did you have to do anything other than the main jet?

What sort of top speed are you looking at?

I'm probably going to go for the same set up, so do I just need jets 108-110-112 or do I need anything else, such as adjusting ignition timing?