Sip road exhaust jeting

Hi Happy new year. Can anybody tell me how many sizes up the main jet is when you put the Sip Road exhaust on the 200 Rally? I have to start somewhere? I though a 116 might be good Start?

 Have fun everybody in 2012

hi, i reckon 2 sizes up is a good starting place,safest way is to fit a jet that runs rich and then come down 1 size at a time until the engine pulls cleanly through the rev range to full throtle.can you tell me what modification you had to do to fit the exhaust as im thinking of getting one for my rally180m

      cheers jeff

Hi Jeff With the sip road exhast I needed to also modifty the stand as it  caught on the exhust and would not fold back fully. noy a big issue but thought i mention it. you will also need a port adapter that sip do to allow for the bigger diameter exhaut to fit nice into piston port.

 will be testing shortly.

  take care Trevor 

Hi thanks I actually have a 180 Rally  the standard jetting is 109 so i recon if you are going 2 jet sizes up i should  may be go 3 sizes to 112. What do you think ? I already altered it to fit by cut and welding.

How does your 200 rally run with it?

 Thanks for reply  Trevor

I got a rally 180 and is standard in all respects,I am considering the engine spec for when I restore it later this year and one of the items I may purchase is a sip road exhaust,let me know how it runs on your scoot when your jetting is sorted,

                                  cheers jeff.

the 116 jet is smaller because the standar main jet of a rally200 is 118.i have a sip road with 120 main jet and the standar air filter with the 2 holes at the jets of the carburetor.[;)]

Hi thanks I had a good friend whi is a great welder as proffession do it. I had engine out took both engine and exhuast to him. he cut the exhaust took a slice out nd welded it back together in place on engine. fits perfect cant wait to try her out. How is your 200 rally running with sip road on her?

 thanks again for all advice Obrigado Turtle