SIP Road Banana on a Primavera issue

I received my new Sip Road Banana exhaust for my Primavera 125 (vma2t). I am having an issue fitting it, since it touches on the glove box (the box on the left side). The hole for the screw on the engine block (where the engine is attached to the frame with a stud) is also a couple cm off. In the shop it is listed as compatible with my Vespa model without modification to the frame.

I may be able to fit the exhaust but I will have to bend the exhaust manifold.

Is it normal for this exhaust to need some work to fit? Anyone else has experience with this exhaust on a primavera vma2t? Is it really compatible?

Thank you in advance.

It seems that you have to remove a big section of the glove box.

Also I cannot see in the offer for the SIP Road Banana that SIP says "you do not Need to modify the Frame"


You better call them directly.

Did you ever get an answer to this - what did you do to solve it.


I have primavera frame and am planning to fit Sip Road Banana