Sip Rev counter for PX200 FL2 Questions

   First post. and I have some quetions about the SIP Rev Counter for the PX200 EFL2.


1. I asked Sip but I never got a response. I want to add the speed sensor, but I'm not sure which to get. There are 2 models I think that are for the PX. Part number 50000140 (Which is out of stock) and part number 50000150. Both say they are for the PX. Since I really only have one option at the moment, is it the right one?


2. I'm really not sure where to connect the wires. I'm also not sure what year my PX is. It's a FL2 for the Japanese market. It has a battery, but it's only for the horn and the starter, so I'm not sure if I should follow the AC or DC instructions. For anyone who has done this, can you tell me exactly what wires to splice into?


3. I'm not going to install the CHT yet. I'm going to wait when I have to do any work involving the gas tank. I know people usually install the powebox under the tank, but is there room in the headset ore under the horn cast/cover?

Is there anything else that is not in the instruction book that I should worry about?

Thanks for the help!