SIP rear disc kit


I’m looking for some further infomation about this kit. I’ve looked at the info on the site and the catalogue but would like further info on the following for fitting to a Rally 200 with a kitted PX210.

a> What exactly comes in the kit? Will I need to source the reservoir etc for the brake pedal?

b> If I do need to source this, is a fully hydraulic pedal setup available (or will I need to use a cable operated one?)

c> Are spare discs/parts readily available for this kit or only through SIP?

d> Any comments or feedback from people that have fitted this kit



HI, you do need to get a rear master cylinder to use with this kit, either a motorcycle one (I am using a Cagiva Mito Brembo cylinder) or you can use a Grimeca Semi-Hydraulic one (like on the SIP Racers, study the pictures on the site, you would need a longer rear brake cable, but this is the easiest solution (I have mine on a cutdown with rearsets) Spares should be easy enough to get (I know places that have blank discs and make new ones from the old worn out ones if replacements are too expensive, any where that cuts it’s own motorcycle rear sprockets usually do discs too) I have the kit on my SIP BUILT MALOSSI P210 and the only minor fault I found was that the disc fitting spacer looked unfinished as it is plain aluminium and had not had the manufacturing scuffs tidied up (I cleaned it up on my lathe and polished it, and replaced the fixings with stainless steel ones.)