Sip racing seat

Can anyone tell me if item 31010000 - carbon racing seat will fit nicely on my vespa t5 1989 model ? I must know before i purchase one.

Hi there if you look in jan 2005 issue of scootering Hemsby winter warmer on page 14 second picture on left hand side there is a blue mark 1 t5 with a sip seat with a lammy sprint rack on the back this looks ok .Had a look at the scooter at mersea last year a good idea to get over the space left at the back hope this helps Gary[:angry:] [:dance3:]

i have a mk1 t5 with this seat i had a spare wheel holder like the old lambretta one which looked pretty good but i wouldnt mind apicture to look at of this bit you can make and a price thanks sean

I’ll knock up some free hand sketches and put some pics up sunday. When I get back to college next week I will do some 3d cad drawings to show you. Prices will start at £25 plus postage for a basic one, but will vary depending on size, design and material used and how hard/long it takes to make. I could make one strong enough to double up as a pillion seat, but it would be a lot more difficult than one that is just a cover for the back end of the frame. If you have an idea for a design mail me to see if I can make it, or if I know someone else that can.

No, it won’t fit a MK1 T5 cos of the square back of the frame. It will physically fit but you will have 3-4 inches of frame sticking out. Some people have fitted a tool roll to cover the gap but it can look naff if it is not done right. I have toyed with the idea of making an aluminium whale-tale type spoiler to fit, email me direct if you are interested in having a one off made. The other way would be to drill or grind the spot welds that hold on the square back bit of the frame, bin it, and turn the T5 frame back into a PX, then any PX seat will fit. I fitted a F3 yankee, for a PX, to my LML T5 shape, I drilled new holes and filed them to extend the slots on the bracket so I could move it as far back as possible, it is still 15mm too short but doesn’t look bad (the new ones SIP sell are 25mm too short). Where are you? I am in Dorset in the UK, I have a couple of SIP sportseats so I could show you what it would be like before you order one and spend any money.