Sip racer uk nearly ready

my name is Terry and I have won 3 championships Lambretta Sprinting

this year I thought I would have a go at S/S 1/4 WITH my pk small frame







1983 PK50S

Stripped Down

SIP Seat

Solid rear Shocker





Casting Transfers matched to Kit

M1-R 125cc Kit

Matched M1-R Pipe

Full Circle Zadra 87/87 Crank

Hyper Clutch with green plates

27-69 Primary

32 Koso Carb


Zirri Short 4th kit

I have been sposored by SIP and Seigiorni Racing

and the engine is nearly built and frame is in primer ready for spraying

so should only a month or so before I am on the 1/4 mile track

I will be posting pics and info on my build and season


best of luck with the season!!
look forward to seeing some pics!

Engine is now in and just needs a few mods to the rear shocker

I am ordering a few bits then I can get it timed up!!

It just need to cable up and it will be ready for scootering dyno shoot out

and then the week after it's first race

Wow, keep posting this is great. Good luck for your competition

side of scooter

monster ports of m1-r I am using

pk50s sprayed

I will be posting some more pics later in week