Sip race Cosa clutch T5

Hey guys,

Any of you have tried this clutch?? I´ve bought it for my T5 and don't know why, but it does some bumps when i start running in 1st gear. Besides that, it works really fine.

Thanks in advance.



It sounds as if you have a problem with the proper separation of the clutch plates OR you might have a problem with a "jumping " cruciform.



so her are some further questions:

- did you disassemble the clutch before installation into the engine and infiltrated the cork clutch plates with gear oil (one night at room temperature?

- what type of gear oil do you use?

- Did you also perform a gear oil change with the new clutch?

- Are your cruciform and your selector box in good shape?


Well, everything was working fine with the older clutch. So i guess the selector and the "cruciform" should be ok.

I did replace the oil and im using the sip one proper for that use. One thing that i havent done was to disassemble the clutch so i guess that i have to take it out (again) and do that.

Should that resolve that problem??

Thanks :)

Should it resolve the problem? 

Well. Good question.



According to the fact that we only have poor information about your engine,

thus this one topic can strongly be considered as reason for your clutch problems.


But if you take out the clutch again and disassemble it, it's recommendable to show the parts to a specialist to examine the clutch bell etc. to determine if the parts are mechanically in good order.


The parts can also be a possible reason for the problem. It is possible that  in some cases worn-out clutch plates can hide problems with the other parts.


Don't worry, the problem can be solved.