SIP pipe fell off a T5

[:@] After playing with my scooter this morning, and getting more Va Va Voom! out of it, I decided a trip into Wales a good idea, everything went well, until on the way home, the welded exhaust bracket decided to snap on my five month old SIP stainless steel performance exhaust. As i was flat out, head down, squashed flies on my visor, the exhaust is now considerably modified with extreme gravel rash. Has anyone else had the same occur to them??? I rang SIP to tell them and they said that the guarentee laws in Germany are different to U.K. so no guarentee was availible, waiting to hear back from them. Which I think they perhaps they should look after their export customers. [:@]

[:@] it maybe able to be welded but four big scrawks and two dints so yes and no.[:@]

this isn’t making good reading,since i’ve logged on here to look at stainless pipes!maybe a re-think!
anybody tried the scorpion stainless pipes???

My exhaust has also cracked in the same place, but fortunately didn’t brake off. I noticed unburnt fuel coming from it and had to have it brazed. It seems ok now, but maybe it happens as the stainless steel is quite brittle???

Is it too far gone to have it repaired?

That does not sound too bad. This time make sure the bracket nut and bolt are tight and all 3 spings are attatched properly. It was likely that the bracket on the exhaust broke because of a stress fracture, usually happens when something comes loose.

[:@] I have got my pipe back from being re-welded , it was a bit of a pig to put back on and it costed £20 to fix it, so a bit of a bummer at the end of the day!!! Richard[:@]