sip pipe cost

hi can any one tell me the total price of buying and shipping a stainless steel sip perfomance pipe to the uk as would like to compare price with buying scorpion pipe in the uk thanks GARY

Im not sure what you mean, i take it you mean is the performance the same ? I have not had a scorpion pipe for some time although I personally know a lot of very happy scooter bunnies who swear by them, you might also like to look at Pm tuning exhausts,although expensive, another very good pipe.
It may also depend on how much tuning your going to do, kit, carbs, reed valve etc.

Just remember to get your set up right,I have just had a heat sieze on a set up which I thought would be fine, a large tuning ex will produce more heat.

Put up a list of your tuning spec or take a look at some of the other posts concerning pipes and jetting.

All The Best

Its all scootertuff to me[:smokin:] [:smile:]

Problem with the scorpian is that it comes restricted, and you have to go to the trouble of removing the restriction, and any removal voids the warranty, or so I have been told.

mtl why would you put on or make a expansion chamber which was restricter ??? have a look at scootering editon 189 which has a graph of a scorpion pipe so you can put it on your web site[:sleep:]

gaz7 also note that the polished stainless one is about another 30 sheets on top of the price i have quoted.

The Sip is a great pipe, through the entire range although with harsh treatment the main bracket can suffer brom fatigue.although I have never had this personally.

Scopion pipes are the full dogs though .[:smile:]

RR Thanks for that will look in to it thanks Gary

If you go for SIP pipe don’t bother with the polished version, the only difference with non polished version is the welds on each section of the pipe. Ive got a polished version and my mates is standard and theres no noticable difference.

With a healthy exchange rate and the fact we ordered two at once they worked out at £180 a piece.

Remember you can’t carry a spare and your stand spring rubs permanently on the PX200 version.

I think these pipes are of czech origin while Scorpion are UK, despite their similarity in appearance.

SIP pipes crackle & pop & sound like a quality lammy pipe

Hey Gaz,

An alternative to consider is the performance pipes from ScootRS in Vietnam.

Check out the following link:

From what I hear this is based on the PM Tuning pipe, though considerably cheaper.

Personally, I have never used Scoot RS so I have no first hand experience.

But from what I hear their parts are pretty good quality and good value, and they also have good after sales/warranty etc (unlike some peoples experiences with SIP it would seem)

Anyway it’s worth a look , and maybe you coudl track down someone with first hand experience via this bulletin board.

Yeah mate had it put on yesterday along with the new gear ratios,first impressions are good,like the looks and sound and it has certainly made the scoot smoother and allowed the best out of the engine.Because it had new ratios it also had new seals etc so I am running it a bit rich at the mo,a 132 main which I will drop to a 130 when I have stuck a few miles on the clock.I was running a 128 with the Simonini but like I say so far so good.Doing the 52 mile round trip to work tomorrow so that will be the tester

REV & GO Scorpion sale £185 including delivery [:)]

Ive just bought another one and looking at the invoice it works out at about 200.00 quid with german taxes added. hope this helps, although variations in the exchange rate will make a difference.

I had a Scorpion fitted today and it didnt appear to be restricted,however it was a bastard to fit as the bracket that came supplied put the exhaust in the wrong position so it had to have a new one made up.Well impressed with it though,they seem to work better with a tuned engine

Apparantly the new scorpians are fitted with restricters that need to be taken out due some new EU law. The restriction is not fitted to older scorpians only to the latest batch. I dont know how reliable the info is, as its just what I have heard. Apparently if you look down the front of the pipe you can see two small plates that are spot welded to narrow the neck, and these need to be removed.

Hi is the polished pipe the same as the scorpion thanks Gary

What i mean is the scorpion polished the same as the sip .you say £200 for non polished and £30 more for polished .So might as well buy scorpion from uk kegra doing pipe for £220 Thanks Gary

I’ve used scoot rs for the stainless trim on my lamby(check the pics on wellerman site) service was excellent for the parts i ordered,though they were a bit tricky to fit.I’ve heard a few horror stories about the exhausts,though this could be down to poor fitting by the owner.
the parts take about 3 weeks to be shipped to the UK.

[:rolleyes:] I see you can get a Scorpion from TWE for £200 incl. delivery not bad ? [:rolleyes:]

Hey Rich

Have you got a scorpian now? If so what do you think of it?