Sip Performance Vs. Main jet

What do you guys use to do when you assemble a new Sip Perfornance exhaust in your bikes (in my case PX200)? do you increase or reduce the main jet ? My motor is all standard (no 210 kit) but have the 26" carb w/ oil pump instead of the original 24"

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Mauro AR Vieira ;D

Ok guys … the problem is fixed ! not with the a bigger one but with the 114! I think the new PX200 series got some problems, one of them is the high consuption! it cames with a 116 main jet but if you try a 114 you will find a better ride! ok … now i’m waiting to have enouth money to buy the Malossi 210 … then I will have a really beast in my garage!

10x to both of you


You go up in size, for instance if u have a 118 main go to 120. Normally 2 -3 points is enough, up the jet and do a plug chop to make sure.

114 sounds a little small, do a plug chop to make sure. Are you sure your air filter is clean? As that could have something to do with it.