Sip performance shocks help needed

hi just got a pair of sip shocks for my t5 mrk1 , what parts does it take to fit "IE"  (standard distance nut and rubber block for the back)  BUT NOT TO SURE WHAT PARTS ARE NEEDED FOR FRONT SHOCK  CHEERS  ROSS

Hi, I noticed on one of the other pages photos of back shock that the sip shock 55mm shorter than original (even with distance nut, rubber block) does this make the back end lower (I’m not to clued up on this) cheers

the page with photos

It looks like there is a simple bolt on modification as Martin has replied on that thread.

"You need to mount the distance nut 19934400 as well as the rubber 60536000 to fit the rear shock PX SIP."

Mounting without would indeed make the back lower and risk grounding against the casing etc.


The front shock needs the same top mounting components as a standard shock - go to the exploded diagram section and its easy to pick them out.



thanks for your help hammer