SIP Performance pipe

How easy is it to change the rear wheel with the SIP performance pipe? Do you have to remove the exhaust?

Sounds nice. How do you rate them? I supose with s/steel it should last for years.

Well I finally got the SIP Performance, cash was a bit tight, and I am very impressed. The build quality is excellent. On the performance side you can really feel the power band kick in much more than my previous Simonini. The only draw back is that the power band is high and to get performace in top gear I really have to gun it in 3rd to about 60mph to be able to accelerate quickly in 4th.

One strange thing is that I had to change my main jet from 130 to 128 to stop it 4-stroking. I would have expected to go up to 132 but that was not the case.

I would highly recomend the pipe to anyone, however, I would imagine on a standard cylinder it would be difficult to hit the powerband, especially in 4th.

Im afraid you have to lose the spare wheel. One solution is to carry a spare inner tube and a small push bike pump in your toolbox. This may seem a lot of hassle, but the increase in performance you get from the pipe is worth it.

with sip pipe on a T5 can you still fit fhe spare wheel under the side panel Gary

vespa 210 beating an rd 250 :stuck_out_tongue: is that one of those two stroke motor cycle thingies that do about 115-120 mph and rev to about 12k and are really quick off the mark? [:D] Have you been eating any mushrooms from up snake pass recently[:dance2:] [:drink:]