Sip performance pipe on T5

I’ve just swapped my Simmoni pipe for a nice polished SIP performance pipe, my engines just a standard T5 lump.
I tryed the pipe with the 110 main jet but performance was poor, I’ve now upjetted to a 118, but performance isn’t that good (certainly worse than with the simmoni) and it won’t go any more than 50 and feels sluggish in top gear!
Any ideas please lads, cause a the moment I’m well gutted!!
Norwich scooter club

Hi lurch do you live in norwich i live near Diss in norfolk i am in the breckland buccaneers sc . The Norwich scooter club has just started have you got many member i see they have a web site Hope you get the pipe sorted i am hoping to get one ready for next year Gary[:dance1:] [:drink:]

Do you know if the pipes fitted with a restricter washer?
If so where its located?

[?[] Lurch i do not think it would have a restricter washer in it , just play around with the main jet and the mixer srew but do not go to rich[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

[:D] it sounds like it is over jetted, I would try 112-114 and see what it goes like. Also keep an eye on the welded bracket which is attatched to your exhaust. Because they are liable to snap.[:D]

Hi Gaz,
Yes i live in Norwich, The scooter clubs now in its 4th month, we’ve got around 30-40 members.
We’ve got a meeting next sunday, if you or any of your club fancy a sunday ride your more than welcome to join us.
The details of the meeting are on the website.

I have no idea about the Sip Performance on a T5, however, when I swapped my simonini for a Sip on my PX210 I had to lower the main jet from 130 to 128, after that it was brilliant.