SIP parts on older scoots

I recently purchased my first scooter, a 64 Allstate 150. I like a lot of the parts I see on the SIP website. My question is, can I get parts such as the hydraulic clutch or the front disc brake kit to work on this older scoot? Are these parts only intended for P series? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank, gipunk

You can use many of the parts specified for a VNB or VBB on your Allstate. 

If you're willing to spend some money, a PK125 XL fork will fit your Allstate perfectly and will allow you to run 10" wheels and Grimeca disc brake.  You will need to modify your steering stops and reshape your mudguard but otherwise, it's a bolt-on part.  The XL has the 20mm axle and will allow you to use a modern shock and disc brake. 

You can also source a PX or LML engine and bolt that into your Allstate.  Of course, you'll need to update your wiring for the CDI, but it will fit and is more economical than trying to update the old VNB engine. 

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The discbrake works only with 10 " wheels.




Hi, saw your reply to using 125 fork and Grimeca disc brake on vnb, but I want to keep 8" wheels. Will that work??? Thanks!