SIP Master cylinder special

I have a 98 PX200E - I wanna fit a fully hydraulic disc brake kit. Has anyone used teh SIP master cylinder special which bolts to the right side mirror mounting holes? I assume this bolts to the underside of the headset - if so can the mirror bracket/mirror still be fitted as well (my mirrors are mounted the old way on brackets).

Apart from master cylinder, hydraulic hose set, and 98 Grimeca disc kit is there anything else required?

Can I fit Sebac shocks with the disc kit?

Hi Syd,

don`t fit sebac shockers !!! i have two pairs of them and they both broke !!!

Hello Syd,

this master cylinder is out of production since one year. If I were you I would change the handle bar into the new stfyle handle bar with the orig. Piaggio master cylinder. This is looking very pritty! The Sebac shocks will fit with the disc brake!

Best regards,

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]