Sip low torque pipe

has anyone tried the low torque pipe on a t5 172 wondering whether its going to lose out on top end if its made more for pulling as i know the high reving one has got no pull below 5000 revs?

hello, primavespa

if you have a standard T5 engine this is the common problem.
I wouldn’t boder to put on the standard engine any expansion exhaust because if they give you more power they give you this power at high rpm but you loose power and torque at low- mid low. So it will not be nice to drive and you will forget the use of 4th gear…but this is my opinion [H]

…but if you like to rev high it is good.
It depends how you use your scooter and how you like your engine and the gear ratio you are using.
If you use it for cruising you need a more all-round affaire.


You mean the low RPM version right? I’ve been wondering about it for a while. Its a toss up between the PM, taffspeed or the new SIP. The New SIP has a very similar design to the taffspeed, shape and cone angles, but thats just from the pics i’ve seen. I’ve rode a t5 with the taffspeed and liked the power alot, only thing was it was in the city so I never got into 4th to check out the power. I’ve seen the t5 exhuast test with the pm and the taffspeed but the bike acted different than the chart would lead you to believe. Also the original SIP was supposed to drop on its face over 6500 but every one I know can’t pull 4th to save its butt. I would like somthing that would start building power around 45-5000 and pull cleanly to 8000.

Chad B.