Sip lambretta speedo

Could any body tell me the gear ratio I need to put in.Only Vespa ratios are in the instructions

Hi I have exactley the same problem as you, have you solved it yet , I went to whitby at the weekend on my lambretta and it kept doing the same thing, the needle on the rev counter going over to 124 then the the clock goes blank and i have to reset it when i stop, until it happens again, is it something i have done wrong or a fault?

hello mate ,,, my temp reading runs at 240 to 260 ,,,,,  was a bit wierd changing from c to f ,, because am used to celsius,,,,, most scoots run between 90 to 140 c ,,,,,, so if you use a temp converter you can see what it should run at ,,,, [;)]


I am having similar problems with the wiring, it seems to work ok for a few mins then the rev counter goes all the way to 120 and the thing freezes. If any one has any ideas I would like to hear.

I have had what I think is a good idea to bypass the use of the "aint worth a light" temp sensor ring.

I am going to try drilling a hole in the cylinder cowl and fix the sensor, minus the ring. to in such a way that the sensor will be in contact with the fins, I may even wedge a nut between them to catch the end of it.

I will post results good or bad. 

  in your instructions it tells you how to set pick up for vario ignition,but you gotta get it to work first,i am having same problems sip say to run a dedicated earth from engine to speedo but reckon they sold 500 and only 3 people av had problems!must be us then,let u know how it goes.                 cheers jeff



how do you get it to show mph and it reads 7mph less than my gps 

Hi i Have the same problem have you sorted it yet karl.

fit an r rate plug mate i did and can now use the temp sensor


I'm off home to try the temp sender which some say is the cause of the problem...although as others state I have spent hours with the dremel getting the sensor to fit. and carefully routing and clipping all wiring.


Where are SIP and have they got any idea why so many people are having the same problem?


HELLO SIP....anyone listening?

Hi everyone and sorry for the late reply. We are already working on solutions. I am getting back to you, as soon as I have some watertight info that I can post here.


some points i can clarify right now:

* we know that there is a problem with the accuracy of fit, where the speedo is supposed to meet the cable. while this does not cause any problems with the majority of models, it might be problematic with some. we are already working on an improved version (with central connection piece and thin sealing rubber).

* if you have problems with fitting the temperature sensor, you can also drill a thread right into the cylinder head and attach the sensor there

* make sure to use interference-supressing spark plugs. others can lead to malfunction of the speedo.





i fitted one on my lambretta and it wont work it will light up but wont do anything else ive even put a new bgm regulator on and a battery but cant get rev counter to work i think it because i have got a variatronic ignition can any one help

cheers wayne

im on my second speedo which sip has sent me,cant even get the bottom display to light up,the previous one would not work properly as it showed the same faults as everyone else on here is experiencing.sip said the one i returned was ok when they tested it but it did not work on my scooter no matter what i did, ive run out of ideas and so have sip,looks like they are not going to function on the majority of 12v lambretta ignition systems,its a refund for me i think!

i have had a sip speedo fitted for over a mth now and the only issue i have had is that i can use the temp gauge ,,, when it was fitted it would freeze the speedo ,,, when i took it off the speedo worked great ,,,,,,, went on a run with gps fitted , speedo was spot on at 30,40,50,55,,, at 65 and 70 the speedo was out by 2mph ,, so am happy with that ,,

i fitted an R rated plug yesterday and now i can use the temp sensor so all the bits are working as they should be .

my speedo set up is ,, 1287 , 0.77 ,,, set ip to pulse 3 and it is spot on[:D]

My speedo is fitted but I am using an external sensor an have no  instruction sheet needed if you select option b. in other words the instructions to follow after you have selected EXT. can you advise. Scooter is gp with a gilera runner 180 engine on 12 inch wheels

see here for a rpm wiring solution for DC Lambrettas

Just took delivery of our first one and it's not working either, I can get the thing to light up, then I ran a seperate engine earth wire and the bottom half now lights up but only when the engine is at approx 4000 rpm then goes blank again when you let go of the throttle I say approx because the rev counter on the speedo can't be set up as the button dose absolutly nothing. Spent last night and all this morning on it It's going back !!!



I have the same problem. Bottom half lights up. Button doesn't do anything and rev counter needle slowly moves up to max?

Anybody got it sorted yet?

i run a mugello 200 ,,, so i used a  ngk  BR8ES

Cant set mine up either.Hope this isnt going down the MBD speedo route.Has anyone managed to fit these and run them without issues?I assume someone must've.