SIP front shock unthreads. I need SIP slaes person to contact me ASAP

Dear SIP, I have sent you an email through your contact page but have not recieved a reply. The ticket # is ECDC3794E2​142.  Your front shock (72000FSB)once again unthreaded causing me to crash. This is a very dangerious design. Every version of this shock needs to be recalled preventing injury and even death. I demand a Supervisor/Manager contact me as soon as possible.

Jonathan R. Gick, [email protected]

Hi again,


please let me know your customer number.


i send you the new ones.


Throw this away or use parts as spares!



Umm, this is a frightening message. I am also using one of those, I look forwar to see sip answer. Should we stop using them? 

I bought two of the version 1.0's, both unthreaded. The problem is that there is no indication of it unthreading. no vibration or anything. So going down the road and the shock unthreading is beyond dangerious.


SIP-you still have not replied to me.



if your first series has unthreading please return them.


You get the 2nd series type.





SIP has some very odd customer service. No contact from SIP representatives to my email when your front shock comes apart causing me to crash.

here is a picture of the shock:


SIP, The safety document is a joke. There is no way of knowing the shock is unscrewing until it comes apart. That version 1.0 shock should have went out with green locktite on the threads. no excuses.

I have bought all my SIP shocks through my dealer, Scooter Mercato. David at Scooter Mercato ask me to deal directly with SIP on this warranty issue.

My customer number is 15628500.

Please read the safety tipp, too!!!


You find the dokument under the articles - Info - download









thank you SIP for doing the right thing here. That is good customer service.



I have no problem returning the shock. The return postage is $157.00 via FedEx. Will you be giving me a credit for this???

Can some one contact me via email?


i add. a front shock to your actual order for free.


Hope this help out.