SIP front disc brake

I’m looking at doing this - I have sourced a PK fork and hub.

What do you get with the kit? and what else will I need?

I’m going to get the PK stuff powder coated, but want to avoid paying for stuff that I’m not going to use.

Do you get a hub with the kit, or just a back plate or what?

Looking at my PX disc the hub and link unit are different and I’m struggling to envisage what I will need to do.

I know I will need a new shock.



How do i tell what size fork they are?

The link unit looked exactly the same as a PX if that helps.



Hi breezer, make sure your PK forks are the right size , they must be off a 80 100 or a 125 and not a 50. the hub and axle are both way different. To convert over to a disc brake you only need the kit and your fork leg. A new hub and back plate are in the kit. What you will need is all the circlips and the speedo drive parts from your old back plate.


If it’s a larger PK fork it will be a 20mm spindle.Easy way to tell PV/PK 50 forks is short trailing arm and the shock sit’s right at the back of the fork leg,not with a space between like the PX.

Sound’s like you have the right one’s.