SIP Formula plus (fully synthetic premium 2-stroke oil)

We always fancied to bring an extremely resilient high quality 2-stroke oil to the market. On a level well above the SIP Formula synthetic oil, that many of you like and have already been using for years now. The result was a fully synthetic premium 2-stroke oil, up to date with the latest technological developments and enrichened with modern additives, which exceeds the current specifications by far.


But who needs a high-end-oil like that? Everyone including you, if you want the best for your engine. Modern tuning cylinders are running with an extremely low piston clearance and are reving up into the 5-digit region. The lubrification there must under no conditions break off.


Our new oil is used for speedboats and you won’t find an area of application that puts a higher strain on a lubricant. The outboard engine is propelling the screw in the water. The engine is running at about 12.000 rpm. Now come a wave, boat and engine are both completely outside the water, while the cox is still hitting the pedal to the metal. The engine revs up to 30.000 rpm, only to submerge and go back to normal rpm seconds later. During the whole process the lubrification must under no circumstances – not even for a split second – break off, or else the result would be a major engine blow-up and the captain would have to start rowing himself.


You won’t get a high-quality oil like that at your local service station and in specialised stores it will cost you about € 25.- per liter.



Here you find more information and details about our new oil:



And don't worry you might not get one... we have plenty in stock [:D]

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Yes we sell also the 12 l pack, it´s item code J1443000




Is this available in cases of 12 like the old style oil please ?If so , can you give the art number please.

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