SIP Fork Conversion, what do I need? (The saga continues)

I am going to get hold of the SIP Steering Column Conversion for me trusty but wobbly Sprint.
Can anyone out there tell me exactly what I’ll need in terms of parts to get it on the road. Which backplate, drum, speedo cables etc… everything, including sizes. And WITHOUT the Grimeca Disc brake. Ta

I’ve spoken to SIP but the language barrier can be a little on the frustrating side.

I appreciate it’s a tall order but Im pretty freakin desperate.

Much obliged,



what stage are you at



Whoa, steady on with those replys girls…

Get it done on the cheap. PK XL forks, plus top end of original forks adding 17mil to PK fork length. Weld em together, bingo. Don’t even need to move the steering stop round as it stops on the horncasting.
EFL backplate and hub, trick shock and handles lovely.

You can get XL forks for about £40+ quid.


I have just finished my sprint with the convertion kit cost a f…ng fortune.
The scooter handles like a dream now but was a nightmare to fit with no instructions and the quality of the forks was poor.

what do you need to know about the convertion



Change of plan:

What do I need if I get the Grimeca disc brake kit as well. And yes of course I realise I need a shock! I mean which other bits a first time fork converter might possibly forget to order.

Ta once again.


Alright Toddy,

I finally got it sorted. I found some PK XL forks, borrowed a mate and his welding gear, added a Bitubo PK front shock and it’s all great now, I’d definately recommend it to other readers.
I take it you’re back on the road again, I kind of remember you saying you had a do at a roundabout. Hope it’s all better.

Thanks Again