Sip evo carbon seat

Before i order this seat does anyone know if it comes with a fitting kit as standard or is it a seperate item.
I have heard some horror storys about the fitting so if anyone has any tip’s/trick’s that would be great.
Also i was thinking that i would have the seat fixed in place and attach heavy duty velcro to the cushion to ease fill ups at the garage…anyone tried this…?[:dance2:]

I fitted one of the seats, to fit the cushion all u have to do is make a template out of card or paper before you drill it…

Hi, did you get the seat and if so, what fitting kit? how do the three bolts fix it to the frame and how easy is it to remove to get at the petrol tank?

Hello mate…I ordered the evo carbon seat which comes with a fitting kit…the 3 studs are threaded…1 up front and 2 rear,they just screw down in place of the originals,after that the seat can be removed quicker than a quick thing…only problem i encountered was lining up the cushion onto the base as the base comes without the pre-drilled holes to fit it…