SIP Digital Speedo - black box replacement

I bought the SIP digital speedo above in March 2011 from a US retailer (for $239).

It has worked well.

Recently I had some electrical issues (lost all electrics except to spark plug) and had to replace a corroded connection at my 12v regulator for a batteryless scoot.

Now my SIP digital speedo won't work.  It doesn't go through the usual startup sequence and none of the LCD items display, nor does the tach needle work.  It does have light, but that's it.  I have checked all the connections and they're getting power.

I fear I have cooked the electronics through a power surge.  Will replacing the black box help restore it?

This seems expensive.  Is there any other kind of inline fuse/surge protection?

Thanks and cheers from Canada.

Hi. I have the same problem with my speedo. Has anyone found out what the problem is?