Sip conversion fork sprint

Okay I want to order the sip conversion fork for disk and bitubos on my sprint, but I have not gotten any response to questions via email on this site. I don\'t speak german and live in Utah so this is a little difficult but I need to get through to someone. It says on their site where the fork is that they also offer a kit with the disk brake including the fork instead of having to order everything separately. I want to order the conversion fork with disc brake and bitubo shock all installed so I can just bolt it in and hook it up. Also I want to do this without altering the handlebars. How would I do this? Semi-hydraulic with their special holder? If someone can point me in the direction on everything that I need that would be great. I want to get it all right in the first order as I am not close to them at all and I don\'t want to order until I know of everything. I don\'t see the kit on their site that offers the disc and the fork and shock and all but I\'m sure it could be done if I could talk to someone but I haven\'t been able to. What should I do? Also with this conversion does it raise the front of the bike up at all? Anyone know the price of doing the full kit. fork, disc kit and bitubo along with everything to hook it up with no h-bar alterations? Does the master cylinder fit under the front fender on the sprint? thanks for any help. I need to get this ordered and installed asap as with my new kitted motor these brakes and suspension don\'t cut it. It\'s a little scary. thanks again.
Taylor in slc

Hey, I am American and live in North Carolina. I want the same thing you were looking for: 10 inch conversion fork, with maybe the disc set installed. I want to put mine ona VBB.

Did you ever get an answer from SIP on this? Did you buy it?

Please let me know: [email protected]