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Okay I want to order the sip conversion fork for disk and bitubos on my sprint, but I have not gotten any response to questions via email on this site. I don’t speak german and live in Utah so this is a little difficult but I need to get through to someone. It says on their site where the fork is that they also offer a kit with the disk brake including the fork instead of having to order everything separately. I want to order the conversion fork with disc brake and bitubo shock all installed so I can just bolt it in and hook it up. Also I want to do this without altering the handlebars. How would I do this? Semi-hydraulic with their special holder? If someone can point me in the direction on everything that I need that would be great. I want to get it all right in the first order as I am not close to them at all and I don’t want to order until I know of everything. I don’t see the kit on their site that offers the disc and the fork and shock and all but I’m sure it could be done if I could talk to someone but I haven’t been able to. What should I do? Also with this conversion does it raise the front of the bike up at all? Anyone know the price of doing the full kit. fork, disc kit and bitubo along with everything to hook it up with no h-bar alterations? Does the master cylinder fit under the front fender on the sprint? thanks for any help. I need to get this ordered and installed asap as with my new kitted motor these brakes and suspension don’t cut it. It’s a little scary. thanks again.
Taylor in slc

Bump. need help on this please.

…I could be wrong but I am preatty sure you don’t have to pay the german tax since you live in a country that is no part of Europe.

When I buy from them I always pay the price - german vat(tax) as I live in Switzerland that is no part of Europe .

wow. thanks a bunch man I’ll call them and see if I can get a kit for cheaper.

Already tried the bbs. I don’t know if anyone at sip can speak to me. I speak no german.

Hi Tipwise,

Yeah ring the English speaking helpline - the guys know their stuff and their English:

from the US: 01149 8191 96999-69

Let us know how you get on - I would like to put the same kit on my Rally.

I presume the kit still utilises the handlebar cable & either initiates a hydraulic or lever system to operate the pads onto the disc? Hopefully its a straight swap into the frame with no handlebar mods?

you say the master cylinder won’t fit under the mudguard. will it fit anywhere on the fork at all? can i put it in the side cowl of the sprint. I don’t have a legshield tool box. I guess I could bolt it on to my legshield spare tire.

The cylinder bolts to the fork leg below the fender, it’s about 3&1/2 inches tall. There is not enough clearance to fit it under the actual fender (plus bleeding it will be difficult). You could fit it under a side panel but you would need a long enough cable to operate it, and a longer brake hose (this could affect the braking ability so i’d recommend you keep them as short as possible). Look at the pictures section on here, i’m sure it shows some customer bikes with this kit fitted.

would i really have to pay german taxes if ordering from Utah? Shipping yeah but taxes no right?

Hi Taylor,
We fitted one to a Sprint and all we did was weld a small bracket on the front of the fork leg and mounted the semi hydraulic cylinder on there......we used a Bitubo PK shock and a PX disc with an LML hub (so to keep the look) and just used the same size inner and outer cable as is pretty easy to do ......just a bit of messsing with the fender / mudguard to get it straight !!!

Just checked for you, the individual parts, fork conversion, disc kit and bitubo shock come to $740 plus german taxes and shipping, see if they will offer the whole lot cheaper.

Hello Taylor
Send me an email and ai can send you picure of my sprintfork.

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morten in oslo

Can’t help, as I have never done one , but have you tried asking here?

might guide you to some one who will help,

Or ringing SIP, as they dont seem to look at this site [:D]

Nobody can!! They do speak english!
Its worth trying, then you can get it from the horses mouth!

yeah i think I would only have to pay shipping. that’s a tax for germany not Utah. I know whenever i order anything even from another state here yo don’t pay taxes on that. It’s a state tax.

And just a thought.........if you can get yourself a set of PX or LML disc forks in the USA and you know a good welder....the conversion is easy.....a hacksaw and you are away ! I do them quiet often and I can let you know the step by step if you want !!!
my email [email protected]


Yes they have to add german vat at 15%.

The semi hydraulic cable operated cylinder fits on the fork leg below the mudguard, it won’t fit under the mudguard, you could fit it in a toolbox out of sight if you wish. There are no handle bar modifications necessary, just a change of the front brake cable. If SIP offer a full kit for the conversion it should include everything needed, it is worth phoning to check, they speak English better than some English people I know. Yes I think the kit does raise the front of the scooter slightly, not enough to affect the look or handling though. The kit comes with a half rubber, half solid steel brake hose which is trash, bin it and fit a braided stainless hose when you fit the kit (any motorbike shop that makes hoses will be able to sort this for you, near you).

Look through the back pages of the forumpics, there is a PX with the cylinder fitted around page 8 or 9. It was too big a file to load on a reply.

I could just mount it off my spare tire rack on the legshield inner.