sip conversion fork for oldies

Hi people,

i’m changing my girlfriends vnb3t into an acceptable means of transport (putting a px200 engine in it) and i’m interested in the conversion fork sip offers on their site. [H]

I must say i got a little confused over a few things:

i’m talking about: Art.-no. 133472

  • the title states „Steering column VNB-VBB/GS160/T4, for conversion to disc brake“, while further down the product description there is: „Steering Columns for the following models:
    Rally/Sprint/TS/GTR/GT and VNA/VBA/VBB/GS160/T4“

So does this mean it will fit a VNB or not? [?[]

  • i have a px bitubo, will this fit on that fork, or will i need the smallframes’ bitubo?

  • is there welding involved in fitting it or not?

hoping to soon hear from you guys,


thanks JaegermeisterNRG, the link you put there is the fork i’m talking about…

Steering column VNB-VBB/GS160/T4, for conversion to disc brake - Art.-no. 133472

Oldie afficiandos! We can now offer steering columns allowing assembly of 20mm disk brakes and harder shock absorbers. New steering columns from other Vespa models are the basis for these conversion columns. Column length is adjustable, the steering lock holder milled to fit and the steering stopper welded on. All that´s left is to adjust your fender. The Sprint conversion column allows you to use a favorite shock absorber on your machine such as BITUBO, or SEBAC, including also the GRIMECA Classic or the GRIMECA ´98 disk brake.

Steering Columns for the following models:
Rally/Sprint/TS/GTR/GT and VNA/VBA/VBB/GS160/T4

Both steering columns are delivered with steering head bearing kits.

See what i mean?

So is it a sprint column welded onto some fork that can hold a bitubo and a grimeca??

Very confusing…

I prefer not to do the PK2XL fork thing, cause i think it looks wrong, the mudguard is way too high positioned on those forks…

ah thanks, yes, the worb5 fork… you probably meant

I’ve seen it, but the price isn’t to my taste… [:nuke:]

I guess i’ll go for the sip modified fork then…
If it fits a VNB, which isn’t too clear

strange that they reckon its a Sprint fork while its actually a PK fork…

… can i send the sip guys an email asking this u think, or are they already too busy answering trivial questions? [:)]

So if its a PK fork i guess it needs a PK Bitubo…

ah, so many questions…

try this one <a href="133472

">>>>HERE<<<, if you wanne have an original rally/sprint-look.
Otherwise, you´ll need a standart PK-XL2 Fork, which, as far as I know, you can modify easily to fit in the vna/vnb/vbb an other models. On base of this fork, you are able to mount all the PK dampeners, as well as the 20mm disc brakes (grimeca and PX9[H]

OOOps… put in the wrong link…

I wanted to show you this one >>>HERE<<<

Concerning the conversion fork which sip is offering. As far as I know the also do use a PK fork and modify the shaft, to fit in other models. The bottom end oft the fork still looks like the PK… only way to have an original look is to use one of the Worb5 Forks.