SIP CDI unit problems

Hello guys.

Ive mounted on my T5 (standard cylinder - 28 PHBH carb - PM pipe - reinforced 4 plate clutch) a SIP CDI ignition unit. When i ride for a while then stop my engine, its impossible to restart. Checked the spark plug and everytime it was blown out (the sparks occurs between the walls of the plug and the insulate material). I`ve changed several spark plug (B9ES or B10ES NGK) and always the same problem. The ignition timing is correct and the gap of the spark plug too (0.6mm).

Any idea to solve my problem???

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Thanks Hellcoopz for your advice but i dont think the problem is the spark plug (standard grade on a T5 is BE9S, a cold one). Ive test my T5 this afternoon with a brand new sprak plug and its blown again. I think the problem with the CDI unit is that it does what its ment to do. With a higher voltage for a better spark, the standard spark plug does not resist. I think some kind of „racing“ plug would do the job.

Can anyone tell me if i`m on a good way to solve this mess…

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[H] NGK do Platinum plugs for about 5 times the price of the normal ones - if you go for one of those let me know if they`re worth that little bit extra.

[?[] I could be wrong but maybe your spark plug is wrong - try NGK 8ES … it sounds like you are burning out the resistor portion of the plug.

I imagine that the SIP CDI ignition uses some sort of „Black Box“ coil. This would be my first check, it sounds like it`s faulty. Easiest way to check this is to borrow one off someone and see if this fixes the prob.

Good Luck