SIP Caliper for VESPA Installation

In this Video we´d like to explain how to install the SIP Caliper on a VESPA.


SIP Scootershop have been successfully verified by the German ministry of transport and are now officially recognised as approved vehicle component manufacturers. The SIP brake calliper has also received official type-approval for legal road use in Germany. At last German Scooterists can now legally brake in an improved manner, along with the rest of Europe!

The Vespa PX`98/MY/`11 models and all GRIMECA disc brakes are supplied with a simple cast brake calliper. As this component isn't exactly state-of-the-art we have manufactured a brake caliper which not only sets the pulse of any professional customizer racing, but also improves the braking effect of the disc brakes.
The SIP Performance brake calliper is CNC-milled completely from aluminium. The bigger piston diameter, totalling 31.5 mm, guarantees a better braking performance. We have also given the brake calliper a brake pad that has a bigger pad width and therefore a non-tilting bearing surface. Special additional inner drill-holes make the bleeding easier. The brake callipers are anodised and come in the extreme racing colours of silver, gold, black, titanium and red.
The brake calliper is a perfect match with the main brake cylinders PX`98 (part no. 56378800) with 12mm brake piston or GRIMECA (part no. 30060000) with 11mm brake piston. The semi-hydraulic GRIMECA Classic, NT or PX´98/MY disc brakes therefore take the step forwards into the new millennium! No modifications are necessary to the existing brake system. Simply replace the old brake calliper with the small 25/30mm brake pistons.

In October 2014 the brake callipers got the German KBA number and GALFER brake pads. They managed all the neccessary tests for an legal road-use on German roads.
Please note: The brake calliper can also be fitted to PIAGGIO Quartz/SKR models. As the brake calliper is installed on the left hand side on these models, the calliper has to be turned by 180°. The bleeder valve/ventilation screw has to be turned so that it is positioned on top. The brake line is then attached to the lower mounting.

Conclusion: Update in terms of braking effect and visuals for the existing disc brakes.


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SIP Caliper Installation