Simonini Exhaust Clamp

Hi All,

I bought a simonini for my PX125 but came without the exhaust U clamp, do I just order a clamp for a standard PX exhaust or does simonini require a special clamp, also is it 44mm the size.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi pyperb,

Ive got a simonin pipe on a p2 engine - The original simi pipe clamps are worse than rubbish so I ordered a new stronger clamp anyway. (Off the shelf spare part not exhaust specific)

I dont know if SIP do them but just order a ‚U‘ Clamp to suit a 125 Simi pipe from Beedspeed, MSC, TWE etc. They will know what you are talking about




You can get one from HALFORDS cost about a pound.Yes it is 44mm