Simonini Down&Forward

Hi everyone!

I Have a pk XL2 (in Spain is called FL 125 elestart). And I would like to know if the simonini d%Fwd would correctly fit in my vespa. I'd like to say that it has all the original components will I feel a good change? or I might have some problems with the 4th gear.

Thank you very much![:)]

Thanks for your anwser, I was thinking of changing also the cylinder, but I don't have much space to do it. Until I don't change to a pollini cylinder, will I have any problems between the simonini and the original cylinder?


I agree with Mike.Use a Polini,LeoVince or an ET3 or Sito copy for your set up,you’ll be far happier with it.


to get more power it will be better if you make first a other cylinder on it. Polini 130 or so.

First than you can do it with exhaust.

You dont get what you search with only the simonini exhaust on the original components .


in a word yes, i found this exhaust too revvy even with a tuned polini 130, the motor was a lot more useable with a leovinci. It needs a really revvy set up to reach its potential. Looks and sounds great - but thats about it (in my experience anyway)