Simmonini & MOT

Does anybody know if a Simmonini exhaust will cause a MOT failure, even if it is in good working order??

You are lucky then. If the MOT station checks for the stamp it would fail. Keep taking it to the same place.

If your machine is newer than 1985 it will fail the MOT with a Simonini. Machines built after 1985 either have to be fitted with the standard exhaust or one marked with the BSAU193 stamp.

You may get a friendly MOT place that will pass it with the Simonini, however, it is much easier just to put the standard exhaust back on for the MOT.

Hi All
Passed MOT with the simo pipe and without a front brake light switch, needless to say i will be using the very nice man again!


I also have just had my 200 passed with a Simonini. I don’t think you’ll have a problem - they didn’t say anything to me about my pipe all they wanted to see was that the lights and horn were working.

I think how loud it is is at the discretion of the tester, however, the BSAU stamp is law. I think the MOT testers just dont bother to look.

as i said my t5 passed its mot last week with a simmonini on it
not only that but the back wheel was on the wrong way round the dip bulb had gone the guy never even started it up all he said was nice pipe bet it sounds good,he is a biker and thought it was a 50??? oh well needless to say hes my new mate bikers i love em.(oh yeah it was a mechcanic who stuck the wheel on wrong it had just been dropped off from the garage after a rebuild see broken clucth on this bullatin board)
frenchy [:smokin:]

MY T5 has passed the mot the last 2 times with simonini pipe did not even look at pipe only started scooter up to check lights and indicators Gary[:drink:]

my t5 classic has also passed MOT last week with a simmonini on it, as have most of my mates i think they had job lot in these parts.;D