Silicone ht lead

Hi has any one used silicone ht leads do they make any difference.i have read on another web site where some one made them up there self by just
cutting the end caps off and screwing on to the coil and plug cap.I have phoned a few car part shops and they say that you cant screw the lead on to the coil and plug cap because they have to be crimped on is this right thnks Gary[:dance1:]

Slidingdog are you saying that your mate had problemss with the leads he made up his self thanks Gary

ok thanks Gary

Personally wouldn’t, as a mate did exactly that, then spent a week trying to get it to run. the spark was good and a nice blue/purple but just wouldn’t run, as he had done other things spent a lot of time stripping it down, without success!
once I realised why the lead was more flexible and changed it, it ran fine.
but can’t tell you why it does not work, but wouldn’t trust it.

Yep! but they gave a perfect spark![:)]

Dont want to throw a spanner in the works but i have used a home made ht lead for 4 month now and with no problems whatsoever,it works if you get a quality lead and you have a bit of common sense…;D

Hi i bought a silicone lead cost £3.75 i kept the metal ends on the lead all i done was nipped the metal ends with pliers so they would screw in tight into the coil and spark plug cap then slid the rubber caps in to place then just to help them stay in place i put a cable tye round the rubber caps. So far no problem done about 40 miles Gary