si modified

hi guys
i woudlike to know what kind of jets is on a carb 26 si. modified. the origine is a 24e

I think you will just have to buy a few jets and use trial and error. The carb should be supplied useable and then its down to you to fine tune it.

Did you have any problems with it?

Dylan he is talking about the air jet on top of the holder. Its 160 as standard.

Mine came with 190, BE4. 116.

Yes I had some troubles.
I have a p2 with racingcrank and malossi210.
At first I changed the setup and used 130 instead of 116, but it went hot, so after changing piston I use 140 BE3 and 135 main, it still don´t work as god as I hoped so I´m going to try the 150 airjet.[:@]