SI 26/26 G jetting

Hello again,

Can anyone give me any advice on jetting for a SI26/26G carb on a T5 with a Malossi 172 kit.

Will the 120 main jet that came with the kit be the only one that will need changing etc?

Any advice very much appreciated.

hi wheres the best place to get a 26 mil carb i have seen any thing from £35 to £65

Beedspeed suggested a 116 for my standard LMl motor with 26mm SI carb but I found it better with the 120 it came with. Personally I reckon you will need a 125, but your motor will let you know what it wants.


Cheers Adrian. I’ll give it a go and see how it goes. Might order some bigger jets just in case.


hi i am thinking about geting one of these carbs on same scooter set up as yours would i need to put any extra oil in tank

You should be OK with autolube, you could put a little premix in the fuel tank but it’s not really necessary. If you have a non-autolube, I use 25ml oil to 1L fuel, not the standard 20ml to 1L, just to be safe. You need to find the best balance, as too much oil will be as bad as too little in the long term.

Go with a 128, it’s spot on for me with a Scorpion [H]

Hi matt, you should be fine with the carb as it comes. You may need to go to a 125-130 mainjet range, try the 120 first & see how it is. Ade.