Show me your Garelli's


I'm thinking of getting a Garelli fender for my LML, but am still in doubt.

Does anyone have one fitted?

I understand that there is a race version and another one?
The race is a bit smaller?


Pics are welcome!

I have a mint green LML and am thinking to spray a black one into that color.

Yes thats a Corsa Seat, not to mistake to Supercorsa.

You can find for PX here:


Is that a Corsa seat?

There is a big gap between the seat and the chassis.

Here are some pics !


Hi dude



Regarding the color and the material and form,

consider that we got several kinds of garelli:

Stainless steel / Carbon / GFK Black / with or without disc brake





Here is another one.

Hi dude


I also mounted this Seat on 2 of my vespas. The Gap isnt that much like on the foto.

Looks really better than the Original!


The only handicap is that you can´t lock the seat.


PS: There is another post at the bulletin board regarding the seat with more pics !