Short 4th Gear

I want to know which is the difference o the so called Short 4th gear, that is used in the T5. How many teeth it has? When it can be used? In which situation is better an old 125 4th gear? [:dance3:] ;D


both fourth gears have 36 theets. If you want to put this coq into a P200 (4th gear = 35 theets) so you will shorten the transmission in this gear a little bit!. YOu could put the PX 125 (Mk 1) into a Rally and a Mk1 P200 gear box and the gear coq from a T5 will straight bolt an to a PX 200 EFL gear box! This in normaly necassary for a bog standard or a high end tuned engine, because the gap between the 3rd and the standard 4th is to big. So the shorter 4th gear will help your engine to get on rev’s at the 4th gear!

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