Shock absorber SIP Performance PX/T5

Looks like something I want. Does anybody have any real world experiences, and where are they manufactured? Meaning country of origin; I call and ask SIP, who make these shocks and with there right, and with respect and understanding, they would not tell me. Even though, I realized then, I would do the same, to keep any potential competition out, It still doen't hurt to ask. However, I must know the origin; if somewhere in Europe, I will purchase them, if somewhere overseas, with the exception of Japan, I will pass.


You can use also the Bitubo or the Fournales Shocks if you are unshure !

The Fournales ar probably top of the Range at the moment.


I will refuse put anything on my bike that is made in China! I don't care how well price and how good it is. Fournales are sweet, but very pricey, but then again who knows, I may break down? I would have probably bought the Biturbo by now, that is till I saw the SP shocks. Silly, but what sold me, besides the adjustability’s and advertised features, is the aesthetics. With my metallics silver, smokey grey  Vespa, aluminum SP shocks with black springs is perfect; red is too much and an awful contrast.

Does anybody know where, as of country of orgin, these SP shock absorber are made?