Shipping price to israel?

i tried to make an online order from sip and it shows me a price of 180 us dollars!!! for shipment of an exhaust pipe for my px200.

does someone know if it the real price?

Hello Orenl,

the problem is, that UPS offers only EXPRESS RED LABEL service to Israel. Even with our discount on the UPS price list this means rather high shipping costs.
4kg cost around 180 EUR. That is around 40 € per kg.
Perhaps you (or friends) need more stuff.
20kg cost around 390 EUR. That is only 19 € per kg.

We could try to use DHL service, but that is the same problem as with Australia (see topic

It´s not supported by our webstore, so we would have to do a special deal here. Write me at forum at sip-scootershop dot com if you want!