shipping charges

Hello, I have a problem with the following order: 46701400-17020901

I am being asked to authorize a charge to my paypal account for $ 65.71EUR for reasons of prior product shipments. For the moment I only want to make the purchase of the products related to this order, you could update the cost of shipping because it was previously 23.34 EUR and now it is 73.53 EUR.

I do not wish to authorize this cost difference,

Can you help me with this request?

thank you very much

Does SIP make direct shipments to Venezuela?


can i pay all this with Paypal?

Paypal can cover ur payment my friend. 

Hello, Guten Tag,

Residing here in Germany, is it possible to circumvent unnecessary C.O.D. charges, through paying for the order using SIP's IBAN number? This form of payment is otherwise routine at all other online shops. Since I don't use credit cards or even send my bank details through the internet, I don't see why I can't pay for the items direct at the bank.

Ist es möglich die Waren im Voraus zu bezahlen, durch das Überweisen des Geldes auf die IBAN-Nummer? Sonst, wenn ich den Versand, Verpackung und zusätzliche "C.O.D."- Gebühren zahlen muss, ist schon der gesamte Versand halber Wert wie die gesamten Waren