Several questions on Vespa S50 4v4t gearing,cdi, exhaust

First of all this is my Engine setup on my 2012 Vespa below.

1)Secondary Gears

 I am looking to purchase up gears and i see Polini = 14/48 and Malossi = 15/47. What kind of results would each give me and which would be the best overall.

2)CDI/ECU Malossi Digitronic 5514396

i am trying to bipass the rev limiter but when I look at malossi site it says for race use only. Is this a disclaimer for people with stock motors or with my setup will my motor suffer because of non race use.  

Would it be better to override the stock ecu/Cdi (I'm just trying to get the most enjoyment)

3) exhausts?

Nobody makes performance exhaust for 50cc 4t engines. I read everywhere how the motors do not respond well and gain little power. Why is this when honda ruckus 50cc 4t have so many exhaust options and large gains from them? 


Engine setup:

Malossi 78.8cc Cylinder kit
Malossi Power cam
Malossi Multivar Variator kit
Malossi Torsion Controller Spring Slider 50cc
Malossi Clutch racing spring set 50cc for original clutch 
Malossi "Special"(Kevlar) Belt
Malossi Double Sponge High Flow Air Filter (S150)