Setup Vespa pk50xl Tuned

hi folks,

I was wondering myself what I can expect from my setup on my vespa pk50xl… also I wondered myself if it’s necessairy to change your gereRATIO. For an optimal reduction power and speed.

My setup is :

-Racing cylinder Polini ALU 75cc 6 ports
-Racing exhaust POLINI PK/XL/HP
-Racing crankshaft Vespa PK50XL
-a standard 16.10mm with a bigger jet
-a standard valve etc

so how fast can i go etc… just asking…

Tnx for helping me [:)]
Greetz Hollow [:D]


if you upgear to 18/67 you should get, as JuanK said, something around 75kmh.

Thank you for your replies folks [:)] i just ordered some things @ sip [:(] but i was to late to read my threat :stuck_out_tongue: about the primary gearing ;D

tnx anyway [:)] maybe the vespa shop in town has the primary gearing i need [;)]

Greetz Hollow

Yes you will have to up your primary gearing but I’ve never tuned a 50 beyond just slapping on a kit so I don’t really know which you’ll require.

If upgeared I’d guess at something around the 45mph(70+km/h) mark.