Setup for my Vespa 50

Hi Guys.

I just bought a old Vespa 50/R from 77. Top speed about 30 km/h. It´s not fast enough for me.


So i want to hear you guys if you would make a setup that will make it go like 60-70 km/h. With good acceleration. Not a racer, but i got a lot of hills where i live, so it need to be a bit strong. Dont care if its malossi, polini or a 3. , it just need to be as cheap as possible, but still long lasting!


Setup right now is standard. With a limited crank. So i need a new crank too.

Hope for some quick answers.. //Markus Bech

What about the 75cc Dr?. with 16 carb, SITO sport exhaust, std. wheels.. would it be around 50-55? and good torque?

Thank you matey.. I guess I'll take the 75 cc. . I only need it for cruezing around at the sea you know.

Have a good day.

Hi dude


I guess a 75 with 16 SHB is ok for normal streets in two persons to go 55-60 km/h.


I recommend also the 102 dr setup.




cylinder dr 102cc, exhaust sito "banana", your 18/67 gearing but with 10' wheels, reinforced clutch, carb 19. about 70-75km/h with lots of torque to go uphill.