Setting up the faithful P2

Done some work on my P2, think I have the main jet sorted, and the bike revs really well. But the plug is very sooty (nose of the plug, not further in) after a couple of tankfuls riding. Off idle and round town feels rough, and fourstrokes a lot. I have been winding the pilot screw in gradually, now at about 1.5 turns out. What else will affect the low throttle opening part of the carb? And how do I check it? Its a laugh all this setup stuff! Oh yes.


get sure the air filter is not dirty,
you can open the air screw more,
and get sure the spark plug grade and ignition time is correct. Ignition should be 23,
and spark grade should be B7ES if NGK or W22 if Denso, Champion N5, or W5CC Bosch.
The spark grade is very important since if your grade is too cold the spark will not get to the cleaning temperature.