settiing the timing

Please help i have a T5 i am setting up the timing when i use a stobe light is the timing mark on the fly cowl reliable to go bye or should i find TDC and mark this on crankcase if so what is the best way to find TDC. When checked with strobe i had to set the timing mark on stator to the right of crankcase timing mark ie to front of scooter is this right scooter has mallosi kit on .
Thanks Gary[:smokin:] [:bounce:]

I believe the timing should be 14-16 degrees btdc with the malossi. If you want to find tdc, put a pencil or something similar down the spark plug hole and rotate the flywheel slowly, you will be able to feel when the piston is at its highest point, then make a mark. Once you have tdc you can use a timing disk to make the other marks.