Set up for px200 with sip pipe

I’m probably going over old ground but can anybody help ?
Ive just bought a standard 1997 px200 electric start with an S.I.P pipe on it. It is very flat when accelerating away in 1st, also when in neutral it seems to take time for the revs to drop, the fastest i’ve had it up to is just over 60. It is running on a 116 main jet. Ive had a T5 for the past 4 years but fancied the px for the rallies. ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED !!! CHEERS.

Try a 118 main jet.

Vespa… its not just a scooter, its a way of life!

my standard px200 has the sip performer pipe with a 122 jet and it is very quick,in fact i am well chuffed.The downside however is it dies on some hillsMaybe i should get a 210 malossi kit.Any views or ideas !cheers.

for a fast reliable rally going scoot use 125 main jet & raise the exhaust port in the barrel by 5mm also enlarge piston windows to the same height and size as the autisa one this is a popular mild tune i have done many times and it pulls like a $5 hooker in all gears and screams in 4th.classic power output,dont forget to swing the timing round cwise to the stops or she’ll cook!!

try the modification i already posted above it works a treat slf and its a good cheap altenative to kits etc keeps the engine standard but works